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Remember, if my father was still alive he would say it is slap a jap day.

We have made great strides in the last 7 decades. Segregation has been abolished, racism only exists in the democrat party so less than half the nation is racist. And until we elected the Negro in chief the nation was moving forward and prospering in spite of ourselves.

But we are still under attack from within as well as outside our borders. We must remain vigilant or suffer the loss of freedoms our fathers fought and some died for. Remember we have freedom of speech, not freedom from offence. We have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. The freedom, and the right to keep and bear arms not the restriction of gun ownership.

Do not allow people to con you into thinking that these are not your rights. You may say what you will as long as it does not incite a riot or cause people to do injurious things. With all rights we have comes responsibilities. We have the responsibility to guard all of our rights not just the ones we like. You may smoke, drink, have sex, and enjoy life as long as you accept the responsibility of your actions. Don’t become a junkie and expect me to pay for your consequences. There is this child that lives on my block. Her plan for her life was well thought out. She was going to get pregnant, and have her parents buy her a car and set her up with an apartment. Her boyfriend would work to support her and the kid and she could lay about the house. Great plan except for reality. Her parents kicked her out; her boyfriend makes $7.50 an hour part time and had dropped out of college. No she is on food stamps, and this thing called wic. She makes a thousand dollars a month and she is only 4 months pregnant. Not bad income for someone who turned 18 this month. She is so bored that now she wants to go back and finish high school and she is even thinking of getting a part time job. She just can’t seem to wake up from her 17 hour naps to apply for any of it. “It’s the pregnancy” she tells me.

Folks, if you are going to have children teach them. It is your responsibility to train your children to be productive members of society not the governments, not the school, it is all on you. Failure to do the right thing is a violation of my rights and a slap in the face of every person in this nation that has come before us.


Do not let liberals tell you that it’s not your fault. You had sex, there was a pregnancy, and the consequences are, you are responsible for what YOU created. Do your damn job and stop expecting me to pay for your screw-ups!

Honor this nation by being responsible!

on Dec 24, 2011

You are part of the problem you find one example to use verse the whole system you and the rest rest of your small minded racist crew that is the republician party until you and your kind are willing to work with everyone and understand that thats not everyone then you and your kind are screwing this country

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