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I have noticed we as republicans are the most self destructive of all the political parties. The democrats will put up the most worthless candidates and no one from their party will scorch the earth to prove they are bad for the country. We put up ten people, not one of them is as bad as the current administration and we leap over each other trying to destroy them all.

Romney is a liberal, newt, is a big government guy, Cain is a skirt chaser, Bachman is a religious nut case, Palin is an idiot, and so on. None of this is true or at least proven, yet we abandon these people as soon as the left voices opposition. This is how we ended up with McCain matched up against the idiot in chief we have now. We allowed the left to pick our losing candidate each and every time. the only time we win is when the left falls apart.

Please tell me which republican hopeful would be worse than the President we have in office right now? Mister Obama had no experience in running anything, anywhere and told us before he was elected exactly what he would do to the nation and it was ignored by most of the people that voted.

Now that we have seen unemployment drop from 4.6% all the way down to 9.9% (official government numbers, if you look at the website and dig down you will see we are really at 19%) under this administration, we still want to eat our own rather than say anyone on our side is better than we currently have. If Palin is an idiot, she at least ran a state government the second highest elected office in the nation. If Bachman is a religious nut, why was she elected to congress and until she ran for president had no issues, the people that elected her still love her. Can the same be said of Mister Obama?

Mister Cain took a failing business and brought it to profitability and all they have is an accusation that he is a skirt chaser. President Clinton was accused of rape, misconduct and was impeached and we still re-elected him. It seems that it’s okay to be a rapist but not if you are black or a conservative. How would Mister Cain be worse than what we have in office now?

Newt is a big government guy, but he is a conservative leaning big government guy. At least he is not rooting for the enemies of our nation as is Mister Obama.

Mister Romney is a liberal, he may be one but would he be worse than the liberal socialist hemorid chewing person that is in power now?

Forget the lies and the hype and focus people focus! As we used to say at the NAACP, keep your eyes on the prize! Getting rid of Mister Obama is the prize, putting in his place someone that can do the job is the prize.

Mister Bush was a big government liberal but he made it work because he knew that a rising tide lifts all boats.

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