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Published on April 14, 2010 By Paladin77 In Writing

I am starting an e-book publishing house and have no clue how to set up a website.

 Allow me to explain. I want to launch the site by December of this year. I have contracted a bunch of authors and can use more! My web genius is going to start working on one of my sites next month but with the new cosmetics company we started this year I don’t think she has the time to do it.

 It takes about a year to produce one book after we receive the finished manuscript and I am currently working on 40 books for the site.

 I need authors in the worse way. I don’t want the site to be filled with just my work I want to start off with at least 100 books which means I need at least 60 more books in all genres. To get the 60 books I have to have at least two thousand manuscripts. If you write or feel you wanted write please let me know. I need finished manuscripts and this is going to be a for profit company. That means when your book is sold you get paid. This is not self-publishing where the author pays for everything and is shafted by the publishers.

 Anyone that wants to help give me advice on the website is welcome and appreciated.

 If you know of an unpublished author or want to become a published author, let me know.  

 This is not a scam, you pay nothing up-front, we pay you for work sold. You will incur costs, you will need to help get the word out but no matter how you are published, you will have to market your book if you want to increase sales, so that should not be a surprise. My in-law, Steve Weber has several books for sale on e-bay on how to self market your work. (Yes a shameless plug for a family member)

on Apr 14, 2010

I need authors badly!

on Apr 14, 2010

Best of luck!  I am no author, so I will just be a reader!

on Apr 14, 2010

I need authors badly!

Contact me here and we can chat about your work. If you have a manuscript ready feel free to let me know.


on Apr 14, 2010

Best of luck! I am no author, so I will just be a reader!

When the hell do you work Doc?

If you won't write why don't you point people in my direction? Any and all help is needed.

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